Starrett 505A-12 ProSite 12-Inch Dial Protractor

Starrett 505A-12 ProSite 12-Inch Dial Protractor

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Starrett 505A-12 ProSite 12-Inch Dial Protractor Overviews

Durable 1/4″ aluminum with Teflon O-ring for smooth, precise operation, 12″ model available with identical dial and functionality, Optional leather holster available for 12″ models.


  • 12-inch miter saw protractor with two scales–red “miter cut” scale and black “single cut” scale
  • Allows direct transfer of the work angle to the miter saw in 3 steps with no calculations
  • Durable 1/4-inch thick aluminum alloy; Teflon O-ring for smooth, precise operation
  • 7-inch version also
  • 12-inches long; 1-1/2 pounds; 1-year warranty
  • Ideal for carpenters, plumbers and all building trades
  • Saves time and reduces waste
  • Scale shows angle for a miter joint and single cut
  • Takes error-prone calculations out of miter cuts
  • Upside down or backwards, the reading is always correct


Starrett’s award-winning ProSite 505A-12 12-Inch Miter Saw Protractor is ideal for anyone who regularly measures and transfers angles, from professional plumbers and carpenters to weekend craftspeople. This protractor eliminates the need for tricky, error-prone calculations. You simply read the angle on the protractor and set your saw to that angle to achieve perfect miter cuts and other angled cuts.

An easy-to-read dial makes the ProSite® protractor simple to work with. View larger.

Simply read the angle on the protractor and transfer to your saw for perfect miter cuts. View larger.

Easy to Use for Error-Free Measurements
Measuring accurate angles and making accurate cuts saves you time, reduces the amount of material that you waste, and helps you get jobs done quickly and efficiently. That’s where precision tools like the ProSite Miter Saw Protractor come in.

Featuring a patented, easy-to-use design, this tool offers two scales for quick reference. The scales have been laser engraved for exceptional accuracy with each measurement. The miter cut arrow shows the required angle for crafting a precise miter joint, while the single cut arrow provides you with the angle needed to fit a single work piece to an existing angle. The protractor gives you correct measurements every time, even when you’re viewing your work piece backwards or upside down.

As durable as it is convenient, this protractor features machined aluminum legs and an adjustable friction pivot. Starrett also makes the smaller 505A-7, a convenient seven-inch protractor featuring the same easy-to-read dial and dependable construction, and the CP505A-12, a combination protractor that features a conversion table for use with compound miter saws plus a reference guide for working with common roof pitches.

About the L.S. Starrett Company: 115 Years of Experience
Tracing its roots back to the invention of the combination square by Laroy S. Starrett in 1877, the L.S. Starrett Company has a long history of creating innovative, high-quality tools.

Used by everyone from tradesmen and small machine shops to Fortune 500 firms, their wide range of current products includes precision tools like micrometers and calipers alongside technologically advanced tools like optical measuring projectors and electronic gauges. Starrett is also a leading producer of saw blades.

What’s in the Box
505A-12 ProSite 12-Inch Dial Protractor.

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